About us

118 Sigma is a deep investment tech firm. We manage funds and provide investment solutions to institutions and HNWIs. Our innovations range from investment strategies to risk analytics, algo infrastructures to execution engines.

118 Sigma is a team of scientists in various fields including finance, economics, behavioral science, and computer science, many of which have PhD. We leverage on our extensive experience in academic and practice to deliver cutting-edge innovations. We emphasize robust implementation of frontier research via scalable computer technology.

Our Principles

Risk Management

We believe that risk management is a major source of alpha and risks can be meaningfully quantified. Our proprietary risk management techs have been proven to generate consistent returns.

Robust R&D

All our investment technologies have gone through scientific and robust testing to ensure they can deliver best performance in the real world.


All our investment strategies are systematic without human biases, from the model development process to implementation.


No single technology works all the time. Our technologies are adaptive to a rapidly changing market environment.


Our team always looks for ways we can push the boundary. We keep building innovations to make sure we stay on the frontier.


Our technologies are transparent and explainable. We emphasize intuition as a key part of the design process.