Redefine the future of investment

Harness the power of finance and computer science, we revolutionize investment management. Our cutting-edge investment techs have been proven to deliver consistent and superior return.

118 Sigma - We build innovations

118 Sigma is a deep investment tech company focusing on risk management. We manage funds and provide investment solutions to institutions and HNWIs. Our team consists of scientists in various fields including finance, economics, behavioral science, and computer science. We leverage our rigorous academic research background and practical experience to develop cutting-edge investment innovations.

Our Investment Strategies

We believe that risk management is a major source of alpha. Our investment strategies combine proprietary risk management technologies to create superior and consistent returns. These are some of our investment strategies.


Our flagship investment strategies featuring multi-layer stock selection and tail-risk protection. F1 has delivered extraordinary return with minimal drawdown.

ML Market Neutral

Utilizing our superior stock selection model and our adaptive beta hedging, ML Market Neutral makes profit in any market condition.

Enhanced Momentum

Based on our predictive analytics, enhanced Momentum exploits market anomalies to select and make profitable bets on outperforming stocks.


Leveraging and hedging at the right times, OGA tactically adjust S&P500 exposure from fully short to doubling down to generate consistent profits.

Sigma Pulse is a risk landscape analytics, powered by our proprietary risk management technologies. Sigma Pulse helps fund managers navigate investments in a volatile environment by quantifying risk-return tradeoff and providing insight into risk drivers. Sigma Pulse utilizes transparent and intuitive machine learning models. Without compromising explainability, Sigma Pulse utilizes transparent and intuitive machine learning models to help understand narratives.