Investment techs

118 Sigma offers investment solutions to wealth management business. Empowered by our proprietary research, we develop cutting-edge investment technologies and strategies, from tactical asset allocations to high-frequency trading strategies, from robo-advisory engines to algorithmic trading infrastructure.

Enhance your business

Whether you are in banking, asset management, brokerage, or independent fund manager, we help you tap into digital wealth management. Customized to your business needs, our white-label offerings eliminate lengthy and costly R&D, increase scalability and shorten time-to-market while creating sustainable values to your clients.

Products and services

These products and services are fully digitized and can be delivered to you via integration-ready APIs. If you need a platform such as an RM advisory tool and a robo-advisor, our partners and 118 Sigma can work closely to deliver powerful end-to-end solutions.

Asset allocation with adaptive risk management

Consistent and attractive risk-return to create significant and sustainable values to your clients

Risk analytics

Pre-emptive signals that protect your portfolio from market turbulences

Investment advisory service

Personalized guidance with behavioral insight to create smooth customer journey towards investment goals

Trading infrastructure

High-performance, end-to-end solution, from high-frequency data processing to algorithmic execution engine


Versatile applications

Our investment technologies can be packaged for your business model. We can customize portfolio allocation back-end for robo-advisor, goal-based recommendation engine for RM tool, sophisticated portfolio strategy for private wealth management, and risk analytics for your trading strategy development.

Optimized for your business

Recognize diverse business needs, we customize our offerings for your specific needs. We will conduct intensive R&D to make sure that our strategy is optimal under your requirements and constraints such as investment objective, available investment instruments, investment horizon and so on.

Smooth service integration

Prepared for next-generation digital wealth management, our plug-and-play APIs ensures seamless integration with your distribution platform. To help you secure your sale, our APIs equip you with recommended allocation, risk analytics, past performance, walk-forward testing results, and so on. Our APIs are backed with cloud infrastructure, scalable to your market.

Multi-layer risk management

Our proprietary multi-layer adaptive risk management algorithms, such as volatility management and downside protection, ensure acceptable portfolio risks under any market landscape and weather any market turbulences.

Innovative technologies

Going far beyond traditional asset allocation, we utilize frontier investment technologies: for example, risk-based, growth-optimal, or VaR optimizers, spectral analysis, text mining, network analytics, and machine learning.

Systematic strategies

Our investment strategies are rule-based, data-driven, scalable and personalizable. All our strategies have gone through series of testings and live trading to ensure our strategies are robust and bias-free.


We have strong partnerships with innovative fintech firms to provide end-to-end solutions.

Finoux and 118 Sigma together provides powerful sales platform with advanced goal-based recommendation engine that helps branches sell your investment products.

Via Asset Algo wealth management platform, 118 Sigma provides sophisticated quantitative investment strategies with adaptive risk management to wealth managers.

Interest in our services?

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