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Asset allocation with adaptive risk management

Need cutting-edge quantitative investment strategies to differentiate your business from the crowd and create sustainable value to your clients, without lengthy and costly R&D? Let us to all leg works for you.

These flagship systematic investment strategies create consistent and attractive return while being personalizable to individual investor's needs.

  • Differentiate your business with cutting edge and personalizable investment recommendations
  • Sustain client relationship with consistent return
  • Shorter time to market without costly R&D and maintanance

Consistent and attractive return

Weather any market condition

Shorter time to market without costly R&D

Customized for your product offerings

Investor-centric personalization

Support APIs for digital wealth management

Goal-based recommendation engine

Ensure smooth customer journey toward their investment goal. Our goal-based recommendation engine aims to create sustainable client relationship and regular cross-sell opportunities,

Goal-based portfolio is all about long-term investment plan created for each individual customer. This customer-centric and personalized products help secure sales, and smart rebalancing creates multiple cross-sell opportunities.

  • Customer-centric and personalized product sales
  • Sustain client relationship with long-term investment plan
  • Generate multiple cross-sell opportunities with smart rebalancing.

Ensure customers achieve their goals

Customer-centric sale approach

Productive customer engagement

Behavioral risk profiling and personalization

Simple and sensible sales narrative

Support mutual funds as investment instruments