Our investment technologies

Our innovations are infused with not only by frontier research in finance and behavioral economics, but also state-of-the-art technology in computer science such as machine learning, network analytics and text mining

Our investment principles

Risk landscape varies overtime

Successful investment must be adaptive to changing market conditions

Adaptive risk management is critical for consistent return

Flagship investment technologies

Our flagship investment technologies feature multi-layer risk management. These workhorses have undergone our intensive R&D, robust testing, and live trading to make sure they outperform under various landscapes. Here are some examples of our technologies.

Volatility management

Investors need consistent returns, and consistent returns lead to sustainable customer relationship. Our volatility management algorithm help stabilize portfolio volatility, and enhance risk-return profile.

Tail-risk protection

Tail-risk protection preemptively avoids large losses during market turbulent. Empowered by machine learning and risk analytics, our detection algorithms is adaptive to rapidly changing market landscape.

Advanced portfolio optimizers

Our investment model goes far beyond traditional mean-variance portfolio optimization. Our investment model systematically picks most robust portfolio optimizer under different market conditions.

Behavioral risk profiling

Through the lens of behavioral economics, we gain insight into investors' preference to better choose investment strategies best suit them.

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