Goal-based recommendation engine

Smooth customer journey towards investment goals


Goal-based recommendation is the next-generation asset allocation for retail investors. Instead of going over insensible risk-profiling questionnaire, customer takes a driver seat to set their own investment goals. We then create a personalized long-term plan to ensure smooth journey towards their goals.

Our goal-based recommendation engine helps customer engagement productive with customer-centric sale narratives. Then, the long-term recommendation helps sustain business and create cross-sell opportunities. Lastly, we customize goal-based recommendations for your product offerings while ensuring goals can be achieved.

Secure sales and sustain business

Maximize chance to reach investment goals

Generate cross-sell opportunities

Customized for your
product offerings


API support for digital wealth management

Product made for

Relationship managers
Bank branches

Investment technologies

Goal-based optimizer

Our advanced goal-based optimizer maximizes probability that the goal is reached within investment horizon at lowest possible risk. This means return will be consistent throughout investment period.

Mutual fund compatible

We ensure goal-based allocation can be implemented with your product offerings including mutual funds, ETFs or any other investment vehicles.

Behavioral risk-profiling

Our proprietary behavioral risk assessment can help envision how clients make decision under uncertainty and choose a right investment for them.

Smart rebalancing

Smart rebalancing keeps investment on the right track towards the goal. Recognizing transaction costs, we make sure rebalancing creates significant benefits to investors.

Sale narratives

We equip relationship managers with sale narratives that helps them communicate right messages at right times. These help secure sales and make subsequent cross-sell engagement fruitful.

Portfolio health check

With intuitive and transparent portfolio health check, customers can see right away how your offerings improve their current investments and help them reach their goals.

Sales platform solution with proven track record

If you need sales platform that seamlessly integrates with our goal-based recommendation engine, our strategic partner, Finoux, and 118 Sigma can together provide end-to-end solution, namely GoalPost, that greatly helps your sales staffs secure and sustain business by shortening lengthy sales process and preventing mis-selling. GoalPost has accumulated over $800 AUM and 250k mutual fund applications within only one year.

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