Asset allocation with
adaptive risk management

Consistent and attractive return


Cutting-edge quantitative investment strategies that differentiate your business from the crowd and create sustainable value to your clients, without lengthy and costly R&D. We do all leg works for you.

Infused with several proprietary investment technologies, these flagship systematic investment strategies create consistent and attractive return while being personalizable to individual investor's needs.

Consistent and attractive

Weather any market

Shorter time to market without costly R&D

Customized for your
product offerings


API support for digital wealth management

Product made for

Wealth/fund managers
Sophisticated investors

Investment technologies

Global asset allocation

In today’s dynamic market environment, we identify global opportunity sets that best suit client’s investment objectives.

ETF implementation

Our strategy can be implemented with low-cost and low-tracking-error ETFs or mutual funds. Given investment instrument you have access, we choose the best ones for you.


Our proprietary behavioral risk assessment can help envision how clients make decision under uncertainty and choose a right investment for them.

Advanced optimizers

We offer wide range of optimizers beyond traditional Markowitz’s portfolio allocation to maximize the benefits of global diversification.

Volatility management

Adaptive to market regimes, our tactical allocation algorithm can achieve suitable level of risk and deliver consistent return over the long-run.

Tail-risk protection

Our proprietary signals ensure that large drawdown is minimized during periods of global financial market turbulence.

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